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Our new location is enrolling now.  Offering part time and full time preschool and toddler classes. 

Our Programs are Enrolling Now


  • Toddler, Preschool, and Pre-K classes
  • Extended day option (1:00, 3:00, 5:00 PM)
  • Early drop off (8AM)
  • 2, 3, 4, and 5-day options
  • Hot lunch buying option 
  • Summer camp 
  • Grassy play area  
  • Snacks provided 
  • Programs for siblings
About Us

Preschool Social Academy was founded in September 2008, after Kimberly completed a degree in Early Childhood Education and spent many years in the Education field. We believe that all children deserve love, attention, and nurturing. We believe that a safe environment allows children to explore and grow. At Preschool Social Academy, we allow children to have hands-on learning experiences. This fosters age appropriate development. We feel that outside time for a preschooler is a necessity and believe that positive reinforcement is important for children to develop self-esteem. Children need an environment that supports free expression and stimulates learning. Most importantly, however, we believe that children need to have fun!

At Preschool Social Academy, we make sure that every child is involved in stimulating activities every day, and we make sure they are amused and enjoying themselves at school.  We believe children learn best when they are stimulated and entertained.  At Preschool Social Academy we recognize that you have a difficult schedule and support parents the best we can.  We offer drop-in care, early drop-off, and late pick-up so that your schedule can be accommodated.  We recognize the importance of work, day-to-day activities, and the stresses and demands placed on parents.  We strive to make it easier on parents by giving them the knowledge that their children are in good hands. 

We are a licensed preschool program by the state of Massachusetts and are avid supporters of our Winchester Community.  Kimberly sat as Chair on the Family Action Network Board for seven years, and remains a committed member to the organization.  She also authors a Parent Advice column for the community and has been published in such places as The Winchester Star and other local community newspapers and publications.
Parent Advice
Dear Kimberly,
My typically well-behaved three-year-old is getting into everything! We’ve recently had a second child (6 months) and I’m wondering if this plays a factor in her behavior.  It doesn’t matter if I’m doing something myself i.e. in the bathroom, on computer, etc or with the baby, I feel like every time she’s alone for even 2 minutes I walk back into a disaster area.  Time outs don’t work, yelling isn’t effective, and even taking things away like TV are unhelpful.  Nothing seems to be getting through to her.  What is going on and how can I nip it in the bud so to speak.

Dear New Mom,
You are right to assume the second baby might be playing a role here.  Some parents tend to think the change will be instant in their toddlers eyes.  But in fact it takes them a while to warm up to the new family environment and realize things are changing.  It sounds to me like your toddler is looking for attention from you in any way shape or form.  She’ll take the yelling, time outs, and reduction of her favorite activities if it means you’ll be focused on her.  My approach would be to remove her from the situation if dangerous but ignore the behavior.  Say something along the lines of “This is not ok.”  You can still give her the time outs if warranted but (and this will be HARD) try to give her as little eye contact, emotions, and expressions as possible.  Then after the confrontation & natural consequence (she picks up the room, washes the crayon off the wall, tapes the page back in the book etc.) wait for a little time to pass then have some special one on one time.  Make a big deal out of Your Special Time Together but don’t take the time to explain to her.  She’s too young to grasp why she’s acting that way and the conversation would just confuse her. 
Good Luck!

Kimberly Higgins
Preschool Director
Barn Yard Babies Winchester Common 2010
Dear Kimberly,
My 3 year old son has to have his tonsils out!  Can you sense the pure desperation in my voice?  I keep telling him its nothing to be scared of but he gets totally freaked out around the topic, and has major anxiety - to be honest - I do too.  How can I possibly put this into terms he can understand?
Panicked in Winchester

Dear Panicked,
I totally understand the desperation.  Having an operation at any age is scary and the fact that your son is 3 is not going to make this any easier on your family.  Do you know about Social Stories?  We've used them in the special needs field for years but they've just now started to come mainstream for typical children because they work so well.  You take a character (your child) and put him into a storybook via pictures, clip art, and a printer to explain what is about to happen.  They work so well because you're combining a quite self motivating character that they'll immediately be interested in and pictures of what is about to happen (IE  tonsils being removed, moving day, new sibling).  The child is right away captivated, focused, and you're getting your point across in a well thought out manner.  They're actually quite fun to make and it's very rewarding to see your child enjoying something you've created.  But if you get anxious contact me and I'll do it for you.  I find making them enjoyable.  Good luck and don't panic !

Dear Kimberly,
I am dreading another cold and flu season!  Last year my daughter came home sick at least three times.  It spread around the house and my husband was none to pleased to miss days at work.  I am ready to arm myself and my family for this year. Do you have any tips on how to avoid the dreaded germs?  Thanks.
Wheezy in Winchester

Dear WIW,
The CDC recommends that you get your flu shot every season.  I recommend that you don't share anything that's been in the mouth and that you wash your child's hands before he or she eats.  If you find yourself strapped, well, some genius thought up Purell.  Carry it with you everywhere—attached to your keychain, in the car, at the playground etc.  
The cold virus stays active on items for up to two weeks!!!  This includes toys, tissues left in pockets, doorknobs, and phones.  At my school I use a solution of bleach and water to kill all germs on toys: one capful of bleach to every gallon of water.  The wonderful thing about this solution is you don't have to physically wash every toy—you just spray and go!  Just remember to keep the children away from the items you've disinfected for 12 hours after; it’s best to do it at bedtime.
If, despite your best efforts, your child does get sick, consult the pediatrician if the fever is higher than 101.  All fevers can get tricky, so if it won't break try alternating between Tylenol and Motrin.  
Good luck, Wheezy! Just remember: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Wash those germs away!
~ Kimberly
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